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  • Dark Dimensions - The Origin Story

    On the 11th of September, 2010, Dark Dimensions Pop Culture Collectables began trading at Morisset  Mega Markets.

    Our product range was fairly limited - mainly posters, a few t-shirts, some bobble-heads, and a bit of Doctor Who merchandise - but it was enough for us to realise that there was a need for more pop-culture merchandise on the Coast.

    In January 2011 we received our first shipment of comic books from the US, which coincided with the opening of our first store - Dark Dimensions Comics & Collectables at East Gosford.

    While the store itself suited our needs, the location wasn't great and parking was a nightmare, so in 2012 we made the decision to relocate to Wyoming, which had better parking, but was too far out of the way and too small.

    So, in 2014 we moved into our store in Tuggerah, where we really came into our own.

    While still a bit out of the way, the shop had a room for fan club meetings and a workshop and warehouse area and for a while things were going great.

    Unfortunately, ongoing supply issues with the comic books, eventually led to us having to close down in early 2016, and we thought that was that.

    We still had quite a bit of stock left over so in the lead-up to Christmas that that year we decided to open up a clearance store in Wyong, which proved popular enough to remain open until Christmas 2017.

    By that time we had secured a shop in Erina, which on paper looked very promising, but in reality wasn't, and so in April 2018, we decided to close it and continue trading as an online only store.


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