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  • Dark Dimensions - The Origin Story

    On the 11th of September, 2010, Dark Dimensions Pop Culture Collectables began trading at Morisset  Mega Markets.

    Our product range was fairly limited - mainly posters, a few t-shirts, some bobble-heads, and a bit of Doctor Who merchandise - but it was enough for us to realise that there was a need for more pop-culture merchandise on the Coast.

    So we decided to take things to the next level and add comic books to the range.

    After 3 months of searching for a storefront Dark Dimensions Comics & Collectables opened in Webb Street, East Gosford.

    12 months later, it became apparent that the store was in an awkward location for many of our customers to get to easily and parking in the area was a nightmare, so we decided that it was time to re-locate.

    At first, the move to Brooks Ave, Wyoming, seemed like a good idea - it was close to the main road and in an area with a lot of other business.

    Unfortunately, after a few months the shop itself proved to be too small to cater for our growing needs, and then we found our current location.

    The decision to move was a no-brainer and since moving to Tuggerah, we have never looked back.


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